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Expert services that you can expect from B.C. Baxter Constructions

B.C. Baxter Constructions can provide you with the complete package

At B.C. Baxter Constructions, you won't have to look any further. We have the capability to do the whole project in-house from concept to completion. Our project management team can take care of every last little detail - from design, to plumbing, colour consultation and even landscaping, and everything in between.

Full Project Management

  • Schedules used for each job to thoroughly organise the project.
  • We can look after all aspects of the project and keep everything on track.
  • Full co-ordination of various trades.
  • Can assist from early design phase right through to the job completion.

Co-ordination of Trades

  • We work with a wide range of licensed tradespeople.
  • Includes electrical, plumbing, painting, tiling, air-conditioning, fencing and balustrading, stair installation, cabinet making and many more.
  • We take care of the entire project from start to finish and oversee the works of a range of tradesmen.
  • We use scheduling software to schedule the various trades and manage works to a time schedule.

Professional Consultants

  • Liaise with a range of professional consultants; eg. Engineers, Town Planners, Draftsmen.
  • Have long-term relationships through regular contact with Professional Consultants.
  • Right advice first time.
  • Thorough project management, ensuring quality of work completed on projects.

Detailed Quotations

  • Clients will receive a thorough and detailed quotation.
  • Quotations state inclusions and exclusions for the project.


  • A dedicated member of our administration team at head office as your point of contact.
  • Access to a range of suppliers that we have built a relationship with over time.

Colour Consultation Service

  • Clients will meet with our colour consultant/interior decorator to select colours, products and finishes.
  • Access to a range of suppliers that we have built a relationship with over time.
  • Access to showrooms and consultants to view samples and see displays of products.
  • Comprehensive colour and finishes selection.
  • Provide clients with samples once selections have been made.
  • Pull the selections together into a full scheme to make it less stressful for the client.