About B.C. Baxter Constructions

Who we are and why we love our work

About B.C. Baxter Constructions and what has made us one of Brisbanes best building and construction companies

Our philosophy at B.C. Baxter Constructions is that we believe every project is unique and deserves personalised attention. Renovating your home is a very involved and detailed process and that is why we work effectively to ensure clients are fully informed through every stage of the project.


In each and every project that we undertake, we pride ourselves in the way that every last detail is brought to the attention of our clients. This is then clearly presented to the client in the initial planning stage, allowing for a high level of effective communication throughout every stage of the project - from concept to completion.

All works carried out by B.C. Baxter Constructions starts with a detailed contract, that clearly states inclusions, construction period, costs and conditions.


B.C. Baxter Constructions conducts each and every project with a high level of professionalism and an individualised service. We realise that although jobs may initially look familiar, when you get to the finer details, there are many differences that aren't first visible. This is why we see our customers as individuals.

Core Staff

The team at B.C. Baxter Constructions is close-knit and we are very good at our roles. There are specialised teams that will guide you through each step of the process, involving management, administration and site staff. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service experience possible.

Key staff will assist you with questions, concerns and general updates on your project, throughout the whole process.

High Standard of Work

We pride ourselves in providing you with a very high standard of work, not only in our finished projects, but throughout the whole journey from concept to completion. B.C. Baxter Constructions has an excellent reputation.

Expect nothing less...

Don't just hear it from us, read our client testimonials for feedback on their past experience with us. Some clients are repeat customers, which is the greatest compliment that we can ever receive.

Background and past experiences

B.C. Baxter Constructions has been operating for over 20 years and as you can imagine we have completed a wide range of work in that period. The beauty of our company is that we expect a high standard in our communication, planning, delivery of service, construction and final project, and this is prevalent across the range of work - from small renovations to large luxury home builds.

Our range of work covers projects in the areas of:

  • Aged care facilities - Existing building upgrades, refurbishments and general maintenance
  • Government Hostels - Building upgrades, refurbishments and renovations
  • Corporate Office Fit outs - including office partitioning, cabinetry and interior design and finishing
  • Residential Insurance and rectification works.
  • Small renovations and extensions
  • New home builds - Architecturally designed and one off builds, not your average "cookie cutter" homes

We are proud members of:

Proud members of the Master Builders Association of QLD

QMBA Awards & Commendations:

  • Brisbane Housing and Construction 2006:
    Home Renovation / Remodelling project
  • State Housing & Construction 2006:
    Home Renovation / Remodelling project
  • Brisbane Housing & Construction 2012:
    Display Home $476,000 - $625,000
  • State Housing & Construction 2012:
    Display Home $476,000 - $625,000